Zero-grazing has been proven time and again to increase margins, and reduce costs when compared to conventional grazing or a silage-based system.

* Reduce concentrate use
* Reduce silage cost
* Reduce fertiliser cost
* Improved land utilisation
* Improved grass utilisation

Cows are designed to eat grass. By feeding fresh, high-quality young grass from the spring to the autumn in place of silage, milk yields exceeding 20 litres from grass is easily achievable, as well as increased protein and butterfat levels.

Zero-grazing is made for Ireland, particularly well suited to those with fragmented farms.

By zero-grazing, more cows can be fed from fewer acres, allowing herd numbers to be increased. Don’t be daunted – the profits speak for themselves, and costing less than €3,000 per 6 months, you’ll find it is incredibly affordable.

We have a range of machines to suit every farm, both new and second-hand.

Each of our zero-grazer machines boasts the following:
– exclusive use of the PZ mower – the best mower on the market with more than 40 years of proven reliability
– Trailer body is unique with high-grade steel and a double chassis
– High-capacity grass elevator lifts the grass into the trailer, rotating at 70rpm to avoid damaging the crop
– Electro-hydraulic control system only requires a single set of flow and return valves
– Full-load sensor and a rear-view camera with night vision
– Segmented double-bogey axles fitted with bronze greaseable bushes
– Hydraulic cross-conveyor available for feeding out against barriers

We are Europe’s largest manufacturers of zero-grazers for a reason!

Grass Technology, in Borris Co Carlow, was founded by Jim Barron, who has a wealth of experience as both a farmer and as an engineer. With over 20 years at Keenan under his belt, Jim knows a thing or two about farm machinery!

Call Jim to learn more about zero-grazing: 087 279 4430
For sales contact:
David McArdle on 0870570842 or (NI) 0790835105331