No more sowing an acre-and-a-half of seed for only an acre of grass!

Increase your grass output by up to 100% – reseed with the Pro-Drill 2500, uniquely designed to save you time and money. A one-of-a-kind invention!

In Ireland, the average grass utilised is 8 tonnes of dry matter per hectare per year… re-seed, zero-graze and double your output!

– Hardox cutting blades: instead of a disc, uses a cutting knife specially designed for strength, durability and cutting ability. Performs well on hard, stoney ground and thick clay too.
– Equalising hydraulic system: each leg in the drill has a hydraulic cylinder linked to one another allowing maximum contact with the ground at all times – innovative!
– 70mm seed output spacings: our seeder gives a much faster ground coverage and you need only take one pass of the field – efficient!
– 12mm slot depth: coupled with equalising hydraulic system for perfectly balanced sowing; not too shallow, and not too deep – consistent!
– Stranex tails: we use this hardened Swedish spring steel to nudge the seeds into the soil providing optimum seed-to-soil contact for quality growth – effective!
– Flat-nosed up clearance plates: ensures a level surface, avoids dragging, pushes thrash into the ground
– Seed rate can be fully calibrated
– Water ballast: the built-in water ballast tank can carry 350kg water adding weight depending on the quality of the land.
– Land wheel drive: runs on a ground-driven wheel ensuring greatest accuracy when seeding

Suitable for many seed types: various grasses, rapeseed, redstart, kale, and many more.

Grass Technology, Europe’s largest producer of zero-grazers, was founded by Jim Barron who has a wealth of experience as both a farmer and an engineer. With more than 20 years at Keenan under his belt, Jim knows a thing or two about farm machinery!

Call Jim to learn more about the Pro-Drill 2500 seeder: 087 279 4430

For sales contact:
David McArdle on 0870570842 or (NI) 0790835105331