***Grass Technology dribble bars now retrofitted – any tank can be retrofitted***

The Grass Technology range of Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS) handling equipment is the most advanced in Ireland, with a market-leading macerator, a secure mount to the chassis, and touch-screen controls for operating within the comfort of the cab.

A full range of tankers, engineered in our Co Carlow factory, is now available: choose from 1600 gallons all the way up to 3500 gallons. Fully customisable with a range of tyre and axle options. When comparing like-for-like with other brands, Grass Technology consistently comes out on top, and this is shown by the rate of uptake by customers to retrofit their tanks or to purchase a new Grass Technology tank.
Each tank is manufactured to high standards and exacting specifications with:
* stepped axles
* commercial axles
* recessed wheels
* full internal buffer plates
* full sight glass
* 13,500 litre pumps (with ability to suck through two pipes at once)
* lazy arms in 6” or 8” diameter,
* more outlets
* fitted with unrivalled dribble bar or trailing shoe

On both our dribble bar and trailing shoe, we use the Alrena macerator from Bomech, the best in the business!
* Uses TWELVE self-sharpening cutting blades (all other macerators only have max. 6 blades)
* Auto-reverse function as standard! (Other brands charge extra) If the macerator is blocked or under strain, it will automatically reverse in order to clear any blockage.
* Unique air chamber separates the macerator from the hydraulic motor to avoid sucking slurry into the back end of the tractor in the event of a breakdown of the seal.

Retro-fit your existing tankers with a Grass Technology dribble bar or trailing shoe and enjoy the following qualities:

– Full spring breakaways (both in working (down) and transport (up) positions)
– Lasered booms are incredibly lightweight without compromising on strength
– Filled from the bottom, preventing slurry spillage on the roads
– Full stone traps fitted
– Cab fitting of electro-hydraulic controller with touch-screen display
– Full set of quality LED lighting
– TAMS approved
– Different sizes available
– Finance available

Grass Technology was founded by Jim Barron, who has a wealth of experience as both a farmer and an engineer. With more than 20 years at Keenan under his belt, Jim knows a thing or two about farm machinery!

Call Jim to learn more about our full range of slurry handling equipment:
087 279 4430
For sales contact:
David McArdle on 0870570842 or (NI) 0790835105331