New Chain Harrows made by Hackett Harrows

All mounted and trailed harrows are made from High Tensile Steel ,are 1/2 inch diameter and 13mm in thickness

Mounted and trailed harrows in stock from 4ft to 20ft

Hydraulic folding kits also available for mounted harrows .

Quad Harrows in stock from 4ft up to 8ft starting at €250

We also have Ranger type mounted and trailed harrows in stock, all ranger harrows are 5/8 in thickness and have a 2 and half inch tine

Ranger Mounted Harrow available in 12ft only

Hackett Ranger harrows can be pulled either way giving a more or less aggressive tine action

These Chain Harrows are ideal for removing dead grass ,lightly rooted weeds,moss,spreading manure and levelling mole holes and causing existing grass to tiller

Paddock Chain harrows for quads available from 4ft up to 8ft starting at €250

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