When you get East cork Farm Painters in to handle your painting, cleaning or shed repairs in Ireland you are getting a long term and respectable company that has established a reputation for quality workmanship.

Our team are trained, safe pass certified and have years of experience replacing, repairing and painting all types of farm buildings in Ireland



The evaluation: We will carry out a full and comprehensive ‘no obligation’ site survey of your required buildings. This helps us to identify the full extent of work needed for that overall quality finish. We will clearly detail the quotation to avoid any hidden extras. Your input will also be more than welcome as your satisfaction is our priority. We will advise to remove any nearby machinery and livestock.

The process: Firstly we perform a thorough cleaning of all buildings and roofs. Removing all algae and dirt in preparation for the spray painting procedure. Concrete, block/brickwork and timber structures are groomed by power washing to ensure the surface is clean. All general repairs are carried out.

The application: After the drying process rust primer is applied before the start of painting. We then finish with 2 coats of plastic German paint which can either be applied by a specialist power spray (a 3000 or 12,000 PSI piston pumped airless spray that ensures a smooth and even finish) or by hand in circumstances where other buildings are adjacent.

The finish: We give give the job a once over to make sure nothing was omitted and the finish is extremely satisfactory. The tidying up process takes place before we sign off.

OUR WORK FORCE ~ Our team of agricultural farm building spray painters are fully competent and skilled to execute any work no matter how big or small the task is. We work in a fast, efficient and professional manner. We respect the farm owners privacy and take into count the land, livestock, machinery and other buildings we work around.

HEALTH & SAFETY ~ Health and Safety is at all times an important part of our work. We work in a safe and secure manner being responsible for employees, farm workers and livestock. We are fully equipped to perform any job safely.

INSURED ~ For your peace of mind we have full Public Liability Insurance.

OTHER POINTS ~ top rates guaranteed – 100% satisfaction on all work completed – 5 year guarantee – hygienic protective coatings – durable finish – high pressure washing – 2500gl Water-tank Supplied

PLEASE NOTE ~ We only call out to farms at the clients request and convenience